NSN Blueprint


The ultimate collection of recipes, resources, cheat sheets, templates, trackers and MORE to help you drop fat, build bulletproof habits and maintain your results for life.

What’s inside:

  • Example meal plans for many different calorie targets, to help you meet your goals while eating the food you love.


  • Calorie calculators and exercise templates, to help you understand how many calories you need per day to reach your dream results AND create an exercise plan that torches fat while maintaining and building muscle.
  • Nutrition made SIMPLE! I’ve included basics on what REALLY matters with your diet efforts, therefore you never waste time again on methods that don’t work.


  • 4 x walkthrough videos to show you how to use the resources for maximum effect.
  • Example recipe books to show you how delicious and simple healthy eating is, spoiler alert, it involves REAL food. None of this fitness food malarkey or building Tupperware armies for work.

  • CBT-based advice sheets. These higher-level help sheets will help you overcome sabotage mode, all or nothing thinking, body dysmorphia, overeating, and more!
  • Non-tracking advice sheets and tips. You don’t have to track calories to get results. We’ll show you how to avoid that method if you don’t want to do it!
  • Bonus 1 – our first video of our ultra-popular digital DIY weight loss course – Weight Loss 101

  • Bonus 2 – 6 videos walking you through how to create and adjust your own nutrition and training programme for ultimate results.

What are you waiting for? This is a steal at only £7.

“This is coaching in a box” – Laban

“For under £10 this is an absolute steal!” – Beckie

“I wish I had access to this when I started out, it would’ve saved me a LOT of time” – Lewis


WE also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If after 7-days you hate the product and have no use for it, simply email us at info@nextstep-nutrition.com with the subject: blueprint refund and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

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